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Q: Do you take orders by phone?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: We have stopped in taking on any new retailers at this time.

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  Does your Supple Nipps produce nipple enlargement for men too? It seems that using product whether on a    man or woman,  "It has been observed that the nipple will remain elongated after a few weeks of         regular use."

   What are the different sizes that are available?
   Currently there are 10 different sizes to chose from for a proper fit.

   What size do I order? 

   Rule of thumb for correct Sizing:  Measure the diameter and length of your nipple at rest or excited, use the       biggest dimensions. For inverted, shy, flat, or small nipples use the translucent shorter sizes.         Please visit 

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Q: Why would I use or try Supples?

A: Well for men creating more sensitivity and by having two more erogenous zones, can be a mind blowing ....experience. This is also a great fore play toy.

Q: How are they applied?
A: What you will need is lip balm, or chap stick, so the Supple Nipp will hold a seal to your nipple, and not slip off.     If you have any long hairs around your nipples, it may interfere with the time they stay on. Then simply rub a    .. little lip balm or chap stick on the inside of the Supple with your little finger, and a little on your nipple. Place the ...Supple Nipp on your nipple, push and squeeze out as much...

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Q: How long will it take to receive the product I ordered?
A: In general product takes about 3-4 days best case, but at times we've encountered snail mail. That's stateside of course. Internatioal 7-12 days, but some things are just out of our control.

Q: Do you ship to other countries?
A: Yes, about 52 countries so far. 

Q: What's the company name on the package?
A: TC Dedign Works Inc. is the return address, shipped in a 6x9 Kraft envelope.