This adult product that was developed for enhancing sexual pleasure though nipple excitement, for men and women. It creates more sensitivity to your nipples by producing a small gentle vacuum inside as it expands your nipples to fully extend and excite them, especially when they're squeezed. It is the ultimate nipple experience.

It will also increase the size and shape in the process the more they're worn. This product is applied with a little lip balm type product, and will hold a seal until you remove it, and so comfortable to wear, it may feel like a second skin. For some, this may be the look and feel that you've been longing for in a simple product to achieve a higher state of sensual pleasure and excitement, alone or with a partner. It can also be a great foreplay toy/gift for breaking the ice or just for laughs. They come in a variety of colors, for the look that will turn you on. Made of silicone, we guarantee that this is the most erotic nipple product that you'll ever wear. But please be advised, for some men, this can be a highly addictive product. For the woman that has small nipples, this will add more excitement in her life. Experience a whole new level of pure stimulating pleasure. If you have a fascination with nipples, then you'll love this item. They do not work on pierced, highly sensitive, or large nipples. All product are sold in pairs.