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This adult silicone nipple toy was developed for enhancing sexual pleasure through nipple excitement, for both men and women, and may feel like a second skin. This is not just any nipple toy, but the best nipple toy you'll ever buy, and maybe the closest thing you'll ever wear for achieving so called nipple sex. It works by pulling your nipple into the cup, lengthening the nipple and engorging the blood supply, this now excites the nerve endings within your nipples. This interns heightens nipple to brain arousal response that gets everything excited. It will create a higher sexual experience for better sex. When in place, your nipples will be fully extend and excited, especially when they're squeezed thru the flexible cup. Customers first words within minutes are, OMG.!! The side effects will be nipple enlargement, more nipple sensitivity, and intense sex. This product also comes with a warning in the instructions that this is a very addictive nipple toy, sold in pairs. So whether it's nipple fun, nipple wear, TC Design Works Inc. believes, and guaranties it has developed the ultimate nipple product experience. No other nipple toy has a 100% guarantee if not totally satisfied with results. Countless thousands of products have been sold in the past 16 years, and hundreds of testimonials have been received.